New “Hotline to your lawyer” app

A new legal services app called LegalDefence is to be piloted in the UK, offering legal advice on matters ranging from landlord and neighbour disputes to driving and parking offences.

The LegalDefence app was created by LegalShield, one of North America’s leading providers of affordable legal plans. The app aims to change the way consumers gain access to legal assistance.

The app already has 1.7 million subscribers in North America and will be piloted in Plymouth through its partnership with national law firm Slater and Gordon.

CEO of LegalShield Jeff Bell:

“LegalShield continues to disrupt the legal services industry by developing innovative technologies that deliver easy and essential access to legal services” 

“Our new and improved mobile app was designed to accommodate changing consumer preferences and needs.

When you’re in need of legal assistance, waiting even 24 hours is often too long. Now, members can sign up for a LegalShield membership and immediately have the protection of a law firm in the palm of their hand.”

The app comes at a subscription cost of £24 a month. However, your subscription can be extended to cover spouses and partners; children under 16; and children in full-time education under 23 who live in the same residence. 

The services will run 24/7, providing individuals with advice from a qualified legal adviser. People can view self-help legal documents, templates and obtain correspondence with certified lawyers. One of the features allows members to snap a photo of their speeding tickets and send it immediately to their provider law firm. You can also begin the first drafts of legal documents straight from your smartphone.

Members will receive a 25% discount on Slater & Gordon’s “standard billing rate”, as well as a discount on wills, £100 off conveyancing fees and £50 off re-mortgages.

There is even an AI chatbot called “Gordon” to help with any queries.

Martyn Beauchamp, chief customer officer at Slater and Gordon:

‘Innovating through technology and progressive partnerships is a key part of our strategy to transform the way UK customers use legal services.

Our partnership with LegalShield increases access to justice at a fair price and means we can offer UK customers an unrivalled level of choice and convenience – all from the palm of their hand.’

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