How to make legal products more accessible through design

“It is really important to understand that applying design principles to legal work does not mean that you are drawing flowers on a due diligence report or adding a couple of icons to a contract.”

“It is about focusing on the users and getting to know your end-user before you do anything. That is something both lawyers and legal tech solutions should learn. Lawyers are not know-it-alls anymore.” says Antti Innanen who is CEO in the modern, young and agile Finish law firm Dottir. 

Since 2017, the firm has also been running the legal design consultancy Dot.

One of their clients, the Finish Arbitration Institute, wanted something clickable, more digital, more interactive. So by actually listening to the end-customers, Dot built the digital tool which is now live on the website.

“Law is going to open up and be more multidisciplinary. In that sense it is going to be more diverse and those law firms that can create a diverse culture that engages business people and designers will thrive.”

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