Interview with GC of Crabtree & Evelyn

Interview with the in-house General Counsel of Crabtree & Evelyn – Katie Power 

The UK may be slow to shift from the standard 9-5, but Katie Power recognises the advantages!

She expressed her determination in ensuring her team members retain lives outside of their jobs.

“I tell them to take a long lunch break and try to make sure they don’t get trapped in that 9am to 7pm wheel that you can get sucked into.”

Crabtree have a flexible working policy, introduced by Power:

“I’m quite proud of it, at the moment we are the only team in the business who are able to do it successfully,” she claims. “We use technology to make sure that we are really accessible. All it takes is a WhatsApp message.”

“In the UK there are still massive misconceptions about flexible working,”

“But because we’re so productive, and because we deliver, the rest of the business doesn’t necessarily even notice that we’re not sitting at our desks all the time.”

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