Dechert embraces a new relaxed dress code

Dechert lawyers can now wear jeans ANY day of the week!

The firm already has a “business casual” dress policy, which was updated last week to specifically cater for jeans.

Dechert’s director of human resources, Caroline Bowes:

“As a forward-thinking business with an innovative culture, our change in business dress code is about inclusivity, empowering our people, and attracting the best talent.”

As can be expected, lawyers will have to wear business attire for court and work meetings as and when it is required.

Other firms with similar dress codes:

Baker McKenzie (London Office) has enforced a “business casual” dress code, including smart jeans since October 2018.

CMS, post its 2017 merger, equally implemented a casual dress code.

Travers Smith, also in 2017, told its lawyers they could wear “business casual” clothing when not in client meetings or conducting work on client floors.


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