Brand new tech said to halve the cost of transcripts

Voice recognition software will be harnessed by a social enterprise which was set up by legal aid barrister Sophie Walker. She is the current CEO of Just-Transcription.

The primary aim for this technology is to slash the cost of court transcripts. This new technology is said to aid in the understanding of the workings of the justice system to a wider range of people.

Prior to the establishment of this technology, which Sophie is said to be the owner, will have to win a place on HM Courts & Tribunals Service’s panel of approval suppliers.

The current cost of court transcripts from commercial suppliers is said to range from £100 and £120 per audio hour. As stated by Walker, automating the process will in fact halve the cost if the transcript is corrected by a human editor or rather cut it by nine-tenths for a raw version.

Walker then said: ‘There are lots of hearings where you just want a reminder of what happened rather than every single exact word’

It is said by Just-Transcription that its software, ‘designed by legal aid lawyers for legal aid lawyers’, may be used for testing in an environment such as client conferences.

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