Trends and Developments that will shape the Legal Industry in 2020: Experts Opinion

DerivSource have put together a panel of experts sharing their thoughts on what 2020 will bring. They provide their ideas on the trends and market developments in areas of post-trade, regulatory compliance and collateral management that they believe will impact their firms and the industry as a whole. See below for one of the experts[…]

Law Firms on Comparison Sites – Explored by the LSB

The Legal Services Board are exploring the option of compelling law firms to sign up to comparison websites; firms would have to appear on platforms that compare prices or performance. This is following concerns that firms have not responded adequately to the Competition and Market Authority’s request in 2016 for greater transparency across the legal[…]

Retiring President of the Supreme Court says Legal Aid cuts caused ‘serious difficulty’

In 2013, legal aid was cut to many civil law cases with the aim of saving £350 million a year in England and Wales. These cuts have caused ‘serious difficulty’, however, to the justice system. The government had intended to pilot early legal advice in some welfare cases and provide extra financial court but Baroness[…]

Contax Law – IR35 Tax Liability Insurance

We have worked with our insurance providers to develop a unique and innovative insurance product to protect all parties in the recruitment supply chain (including contractors, ‘fee payer’, recruiters and end-clients) against this new risk. The product can be purchased by anyone in the supply chain, not just the contractor. Contax Law have also negotiated[…]

BPP contracted to deliver super-exam prep courses by six City firms

The ‘City Consortium’ group, made up of six giant law firms, have appointed BPP Law School to design and run the legal education and skills training for the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). Dubbed the ‘super-exam’, the SQE will replace the current system with a two-part qualification exam process: SQE Part 1 and SQE Part[…]

The Remote Working Dilemma: Who Is the Ultimate Winner?

Working from the comfortable space of your living/study room or from your local coffee shop is an idea appealing to almost everyone. Is this sentiment of workers based on convenience or do they really work more effectively when isolated and uninterrupted in the comfort of their preferred working space? The first thing to consider when[…]