Government must regulate ‘gig economy’ – Lib Dems

UK employment rights fall behind that of other European countries and the “gig economy” is allowing for job insecurity, a Liberal Democrats conference heard on Tuesday the 17th of September. Head of policy at Essex Law Clinic and perspective parliamentary candidate for Clacton, Callum Robertson, told a fringe event: ‘There needs to be a legislative[…]

IR35 – Key Findings

Kingsbridge IR35 Insurance The stated purpose of the private sector IR35 reforms is to tackle avoidance and ensure that contractors and PSCs are paying the right amount of tax. It is not there to disadvantage “genuine” contractors, that represent a vibrant and increasingly important part of the UK economy. In order to obtain a better[…]

What’s hindering your career?

What’s hindering your career? Flexible working opportunities, career confidence, work-life balance, tight budgets? DO YOU HAVE TEN MINUTES TO TELL US HERE? Contax Law is delighted to be supporting a new piece of research looking at career confidence and the path to leadership. The research, which is open to men and women, is being[…]