5 Tips on How to Succeed In-House

This article was written by Caroline Spiezio for Corporate Counsel.The original article was found via: https://bit.ly/2HOiRYI.    In the current business and legal climate, the work of in-house counsel doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. And in times like these, sound advice from those who have been around the block is welcome. On Monday afternoon, a room full of[…]

How to Combat Loneliness While Working Remotely

This article was written by Kelly Monahan for Thrive Global. The original article was found via: https://www.thriveglobal.com/stories/31251-3-ways-to-combat-loneliness-while-working-remotely In 2000, a leading social psychologist published a compelling book, Bowling Alone: The collapse and revival of American Community. Within this seminal work, Dr. Robert Putnam uses bowling as an illustrative example of how little Americans were socializing with one another since the[…]

‘Global Legaltech Venture Days’ in an Increasingly Globalized Legal Sphere

This article was written by Gabrielle Orum Hernández for The American Lawyer International. The original article was found via: https://www.law.com/international/2018/06/04/global-legaltech-venture-days-takes-on-an-increasingly-globalized-legal-sphere/?kw=%27Global%20Legaltech%20Venture%20Days%27%20Takes%20On%20an%20Increasingly%20Globalized%20Legal%20Sphere&et=editorial&bu=International&cn=20180605&src=EMC-Email&pt=International%20News&pc=INTALERT   Madrid-based IE Law School, along with partner organizations Law Schools Global League, South Summit and global law firm ONTIER, is this year hosting a global innovation competition for early-stage legal tech companies. Competitors will compete in Global Legaltech[…]