Call to lawyers’ mental health helpline go through the roof

Calls to the mental health charity LawCare’s helpline have reached a record high. The charity took nearly 900 calls from 616 callers in 2017. It is an 11 per cent increase on the number of callers in 2016. Workplace stress issues accounted for more that a quarter (27 per cent) of calls, while 17 per cent of[…]

Carillion investors mull legal action

Shareholders are exploring legal action against Carillion in the wake of the company’s collapse as pressure mounts on the former directors and its auditor to answer questions about its demise. A leading litigation fund told The Daily Telegraph that it had fielded calls from shareholders demanding an investigation into the ­business, amid accusations that its directors had[…]

Venezuela’s Health Care Crisis

Figure 1: “Every human being is entitled to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health conducive to living a life in dignity”. The right to health is indispensable for the exercise of other human rights, yet in Venezuela “the country’s devastating economic downturn is ravaging its hospitals”, leading to a severe shortage[…]

Fake news: what can the law do?

Last year, stories circulated on social media about James Haskell, the England international rugby star. They varied in detail. One suggested Haskell had died of a drug overdose, while another accused him of selling drugs suggesting his career as a rugby player was finished. What the stories shared in common was that they were all[…]

Job: Derivatives and Trading Lawyer

We working with one of the leading asset management firms in London who are seeking a Junior Derivatives and Trading Lawyer for a 6-month contract, beginning mid to late February. It is a broad and challenging role covering OTC derivatives (cleared and non-cleared), exchange traded derivatives, securities lending (fixed income as well as equities), repo[…]

The Lethal Injection in the United States

Believed to be a more humane and less expensive method of execution, lethal injection is the practice of killing an individual using a lethal dose of drugs administered intravenously, which involves firstly anaesthetising the individual, followed by a paralytic agent, before stopping the heart. Known as “Carson’s Cocktail”, this “deadly mixture” was devised by a[…]