Majority of in-house teams will take to AI

This article was written by Michael Cross for Law Gazette. The Original article can be found via: Well over half of corporate legal departments will have artificial intelligence systems for analysing and reviewing contracts in a year’s time, a survey of global businesses has predicted. However, it warns GCs to beware of claims that[…]

MoJ network repeatedly crashes across England and Wales

The UK Courts’ main computer network has experienced repeated crashes over the last week. The problems have caused thousands of cases to be disrupted and delayed across England and Wales. The issues affected The Common Platform programme, a shared system between the police, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service and the Crown Prosecution Service. This[…]

How Does Working In-House Differ from Private Practice?

Working as an in-house lawyer tends to be seen as a very different experience than working in private practice. It is not only the environment or pay that differs, but also the type of work you are doing. As a private practice lawyer, your aim is to generate revenue and income for the firm. In-house[…]

How is AI shaping the legal profession?

Machine Learning is a type of data analytics founded on the idea that systems can learn from data and identify patterns in order to make decisions without the need for human involvement. Whether it is a virtual assistant able to provide medical advice or an advisory chatbot who helps with generic enquiries – the use[…]

The Crown Prosecution Service goes on hiring spree to prepare for ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Contax Law briefing – After months of negotiation, Theresa May announced yesterday that the UK and the EU have agreed a draft text for the Brexit agreement. The agreement includes a UK-wide customs “backstop” aimed at ensuring there are no physical border checks introduced in Northern Ireland. The pound surged against the dollar and euro[…]

How to Combat Loneliness While Working Remotely

This article was written by Kelly Monahan for Thrive Global. The original article was found via: In 2000, a leading social psychologist published a compelling book, Bowling Alone: The collapse and revival of American Community. Within this seminal work, Dr. Robert Putnam uses bowling as an illustrative example of how little Americans were socializing with one another since the[…]

Winners of the In-House Team of the Year Award

Congratulations go to the legal team of The Carlyle Group on winning In-House Team of the Year at the Legal Business Awards! The team is led by Heather Mitchell, a Partner, Managing Director and the firm’s global General Counsel for Investments. The London team is directly involved in investments that cover the full spectrum of geographies, sectors and deal structures. With[…]

Salary and Leisure Time – What We Consider in Job Offers

Employers, listen up: Offering employees the right amount of leisure time is crucial, in more ways than one — especially when it comes to hiring. In fact, recent research from staffing firm Accountemps found that excluding salary, “vacation time/paid time off” is the most important factor when it comes to a job offer. Cleveland, San Francisco, and[…]

Getting Ahead with Legal Data Analytics

Photo found via: Technology-assisted review. Machine learning. Natural language processing. Artificial intelligence. Legal analytics. Robot lawyers. The terminology in today’s legal news headlines reflects the development of new technology designed to help attorneys save time and achieve a competitive advantage. While some articles may sound like science fiction, significant advancements in these areas are[…]