Study on Identifying / Removing barriers to AI in Legal Services to receive £1m in funding

A three-year study focused on identifying and removing barriers to AI in the legal services is to receive £1 million in funding by the government, as part of the latest round of funding provided for AI research. £3m is to be allocated to research, under the AI and Data Grand Challenge announced in last year’s[…]

KPMG to double lawyer headcount within next few years

KPMG have announced that they are to double their lawyer headcount to over 3000 lawyers, making it one of the largest law firms in the world.  The Big Four have made a rapid expansion into the Legal Services market. They offer not only their brand strength, but in some cases, an unbeatable client base and[…]

Facebook’s General Counsel has now announced is not leaving

Colin Stretch, Facebook’s General Counsel, announced back in July 2018 that he would leave the company at the end of the year. The announcement came in the midst of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, at a time when the company was still dealing with backlash regarding the company’s use of private data and the circulation[…]